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Sentosa hotel Capella

In the hearth of Sentosa you will find an oasis called Capella. Fewer people than you might expect visit Sentosa. Sentosa is a small island south of Singapore that you can reach by car, bus or taxi. You could call it a family party island.

The main area called Resort World offers many different hotels options. But look beyond those and you will find Capella. Reachable by foot but hidden in its on oasis. Hotel Capella is build out of 2 main buildings and a couple dozen villas. The main building, that hosts the lobby, is built in an old colonial style. The building that contains the rooms and suites lies behind it and in contrast of the lobby is modern and lightly futuristic.

Capella SingaporeOnce inside the lobby you are welcomed and guided to your room or villa. In which case you will be transported in a golf cart. Once in the room there is really only one thing that stands out. The view. A gorgeous view over the forest and harbor. Even the smallest and most standard f rooms are spacious with a sitting area, desk, large bathroom, walk-in closet, bath and shower. A hidden tablet next to the bed controls all the lighting, curtains, blinds and airconditioning.

Capella SingaporeOn the main levels you will find several restaurants, 2 pools, a bar with stunning views and the spa. For those in need of some extra relaxation the spa is most definitely an option. Besides treatments that you will most likely find in other spas, they offer special treatments that are based on the cycle of the moon ranging from firm deep tissue massages to soft stroking relaxing massages. Before or after your treatment you can relax in the indoor pools and spa areas with steam rooms.

Capella SingaporeDo not be surprised if you cross paths with a peacock or two. Several 100 peacocks walk around the island of Sentosa and Capella is not an exception. If you would rather avoid them come inside for lunch at Casssia. A modern Cantonese restaurant. A fine dining setup in this beautiful restaurant is perfect for a romantic lunch or even dinner. The set menus are recommended to get a taste of the different flavors Cassia has to offer.

For long terms stays starting at a week the villas are perfect. They come with their own little garden and small pool. Perfect for families that would like to stay together instead of getting separate rooms. Find out more here and book your next trip to Capella hotel.


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