How to be homeless in style

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The first question people always asks us is: “where do you live?” and our answer is never easy. The answer variates between ‘nowhere’ or ‘here’. We don’t have a return address and we live in the moment. Over time this question has got us thinking. It isn’t an easy concept to grasp because we are basically homeless. We don’t own a house or rent one, we don’t have a fixed address. Hell, we often don’t even know where we will sleep the next night.

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Does this make us homeless in your eyes? I have to admit that 75 percent of the time we stay in exclusive 5-star hotels, eat at Michelin restaurants and explore faraway countries. It looks like we have a fabulous life. But there is more to it than meets the eye.

It happens that some nights we don’t know where we are going to sleep. I get restless and anxious. Leaving your comfort zone isn’t as easy as people show you to be. You have to push through and keep looking on the bright side. We get to meet wonderful people from all over the world, we can call different places our home, we get to spend nights in the best hotels, we have had dinner on beaches, had whole resorts to our selves and the lists goes on.

marignan suite ParisNo matter what kind of lifestyle you desire in the beginning it is not going to be as you want it to be. You learn along the way and make adjustments as you go. Don’t get caught up in how others peoples lives may look. Go out and make your own fabulous life, just the way you want it to be. We may be homeless right now, but we happen to like good hotels with personal service. And when we make a review and write about our stay we personally want you to feel at home in every hotel that you stay. Because we call a lot of hotels our home now.

grand park orchardWe feel blessed with our lifestyle and it may look like a dream, but it is not. It is our reality and you can make it happen for yourself too. No matter what it is you want to achieve, go for it. Don’t waste your time wondering how it could be. Often the hardest part is the first step. But once you took it, you will wonder why it took you so long. Don’t think about the risks involved. If you change your whole life, what is the worst that could happen? Even if it takes 2-3 years. You can always go back and start again, pick up your old life. Do you want to risk not having your dream life, simply because you were afraid of risks that often nonexistent? It is better to regret the decisions you made than regretting the ones you did not.

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