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Yotel New York

The hospitality world is constantly changing. Hotels need to reinvent themselves now that social media and review sites are more and more important. Having a unique factor makes it that easier to be well-known in a city. The Yotel Hotel in New York has figured that out as well. We have stayed in one of their cabins as they call it during our layover in New York.

yotelWe had a premium queen view cabin on the 23rd floor. We had a pretty decent view of the skyline of New York what is hard to combine in this city. The room has a queen size smart bed which means it is adjustable with one touch of a button. When you enter the room it seems that the bed is very short. A lot of people are fooled by this but just find the remote and you can extend your bed to have it fit for whatever you need it at the moment. The room also has a laptop safe, a monsoon shower, and a TV with easy connectivity and streaming from your own devices. The only issue is that of storage: there’s no wardrobe, just a few hangers on two open hooks. Suitcases can be stashed away under the bed, but if you are heading to New York for some shopping, the space might be an issue.

yotelThe Yotel chain has multiple small cabins on airports so you can sleep or rest during your longer layovers. We had a layover of more than 12 hours in New York and this was the perfect spot to combine resting and experience times square. The hotel is located just a few blocks away from the hustle and bustle on the corner of Tenth Avenue and West 42nd Street – 570 Tenth Avenue. This hotel opened in 2011 as their flagship city hotel but they will open more city hotels in 2017. The chain gained massive recognition due to their modern interior and service. They feature automated check in and out and a smart bot (Yobot) that stores your luggage without any hassle. It is the perfect place to combine work and pleasure. They offer high-speed WiFi and smart desks with multiple outlets. Something that we really need!

yotelBesides, all this high tech the Yotel New York hosts a restaurant that we tested out as well. The green fig restaurant features modern cuisine with influences from North Africa’s Maghreb region, The Middle East, and Southern Europe. They offer some menus and we decided on the brunch menu which included a cocktail and one course. We shared a hummus plate with bread and a burger with fries.

yotelAfter our brunch and some relax time we headed out in the snow to discover Times Square for the first time. We came back soaking wet and cold. The hot monsoon shower helped us heat up before we fell asleep in the comfortable bed. The location is in the city center but there is no noise from all the cars. We had the perfect layover, thanks to Yotel New York.

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