Citytrip: Bruges

Citytrip: Bruges

Too touristy, no added value, good for just one day, etc.. Those are the arguments that you hear when you are talking about a citytrip to Bruges. Let it be clear that we do not agree with these arguments. A short break can change your mood and Bruges is the ideal city for that. It is a beautiful city in terms of architecture. You can wander around for hours in all the little streets.

Bruges is easily accessible by train from Brussels (or another city). A taxi to your hotel in the center will cost you around 6 euros. The station is located outside the historical centre. Here you can read a review about hotel ‘ Grand Hotel Du Sablon ‘ and also a number of culinary favorites. We also share some tourist activities.

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Hotel: ‘Grand Hotel Du Sablon’

It is a recent hotel, because even our cab driver had never heard of it. If it did not exist then she would bring us to another hotel. Very very friendly of her, but I stepped in the taxi with a scared heart. The hotel does exist and has very friendly staff. In addition, the hotel exudes a certain charm because it has a lot of candles and has a beautiful design. It was a huge search for our room as the room numbers are not always by the right door. The room has two sinks and a normal hairdryer. Where do you still find this in a hotel?

Cultural activities

If there is one activity that typifies Bruges it’s a boat trip. In low season it goes much more smoothly and you can also ask questions to the captains of the boat. The trip takes about 30 minutes and you can see the most beautiful places from a boat. For a ride you’ll pay 8 euros per person.

I don’t drink beer, but a visit to the museum of beer will always appeal to me. Beer is one of the most famous export products of Belgium! You’ll come to know all about it in the museum that you can find in a side street just off the main market square. The entrance fee is 7 euros (no consumption) or 11 euros (with 3 small consumptions). You get an iPad in your hand and headphones on your ears. What I learned? Beer is also a women drink and may even be healthy to a limited extent.

Biermuseum Bruges

Culinary tips

Two nights mean two restaurants to try out. We find eating out one of the best thing about city trips. The first evening we didn’t had the intention of going out to dinner. Accidentally some locals asked us something. Of course, I asked them if they knew a place to eat delicious pizza. Unanimously they decided it would be Carlito’s ‘italian food & wine bar’! It is a lively place with personal/friendly service. They speak Dutch, Italian and Spanish. It is best tp make a reservation in advance, because it is usually packed. We luckily had a table! More info on

We did some research for a restaurant on night two. An authentic Thai restaurant near the hotel caught our eye. Chang Thong Thai restaurant can be found in the Kleine Hoefijzerstraat. I believe that if you need to be somewhere, there will be a place. When we entered the restaurant it seemed completely full. Actually there turned out to be one table free, because some people didn’t show up.We were lucky! We got personal service of the boss with of course the necessary information. I appreciate it enormously when people run their business with passion! You have a wide choice of dishes or you can choose a menu. I can recommend you to go for the menu! The service and the kitchen here is excellent! More info can be found on

Do you have any tips for Bruges?

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  • ines
    Posted at 21:13h, 13 February Reply

    Leuk! Ben echt nog nooit “deftig” in Brugge geweest, dus leuk om te lezen 😉

    • Stephanie
      Posted at 11:32h, 14 February Reply

      Ik kan het je echt wel aanbevelen. Eigenlijk 1 nachtje is meer dan genoeg, maar ik rek het nogal graag (als het kan) ;). Dank je voor je comment!

  • Troy
    Posted at 21:31h, 02 March Reply

    Brugge moet je vooral ontdekken door in de kleine straatjes te ontdekken en op de leukste en mooiste plekjes terecht te komen. Verloren lopen kan niet, de kathedraal torent boven alles uit 😉

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