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Hotel Baudon De Mauny

Located in the historic center of Montpellier there is a hotel where they perfectly combined design with elegant architecture that is typically in France. Hotel Baudon De Mauny is situated in an 18th century townhouse in the pedestrian zone of Montpellier. You can call this the perfect mix between a boutique hotel and a bed & breakfast. If you are planning a visit to Montpellier read more about the city here. Let us explain why staying in this hotel will be the highlight of your visit.

Where ultra-modern design meets classic architecture

The building has been in the family for many generations but always served as a private estate. The current owners, Alain & Nathalie de Bordas, changed that by opening their doors for you. They have a good vision on how they want to show of this impressive building. Nathalie is an interior designer who combined ultra-modern design with classic architecture. The building dates back from the 18the century and the rooms are spacious with high ceilings. They wanted to preserve the classic features of the building but blend it with modern design. The furniture is from state-of-the-art designers and is different in every room. In 2008 the renovations started to create a unique atmosphere where past meets present. Let us take a look at the wonderful rooms they have to offer.

Deluxe themed rooms and suites

With just 8 rooms you can perfectly unwind after a busy day in Montpellier. Did we mention that every room is completely different? There is even a room with flamingos on the wall. We loved the room diary where you can write a little note for the next client. We stayed in the deluxe room that is equipped with a rain shower and organic cosmetics. We entered into a wood-clad cocoon of calm and serenity featuring the subtlest of lighting. Before creating the rooms, they envision what kind of people are going to stay there. Their clients look for detail and expect nothing but the best and that is reflected in all the rooms. Even the breakfast is of a high standard.

Breakfast at Baudon De Mauny

You can enjoy your breakfast in the 14th-century conservatory between 8 and 10.30 am. Which was once a dark courtyard is now a chic and modern breakfast area. You can select what you would like to have for breakfast or you can enjoy from the buffet. If enough people are having breakfast they only offer the buffet.

If you are not convinced just let us tell you that a lot of architects, designers and writers choose this hotel as their spot to discover Montpellier. When you take a look in the guest diary in the room you might find some very well known people. For reservations click here.

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  • […] A road trip is the best way to explore France. If you are in the south of France we recommend you to stop for 24 hours in Montpellier. Half the population in Montpellier is under 35 and that makes it an energetic city. In this city past and present meet each other. Students come here to study and of course enjoy the climate and the beach. It is one of France’s fastest-growing urban centers. Situated in the South of France Montpellier should be on your to-do list when you are in the region. The best way to experience the present and the future of Montpellier is by booking a night at boutique hotel Baudon De Mauny. Click here for a full review of this hip hotel. […]