2017 in Numbers


2017 has been an incredible year with many ups and downs. Like every year, we will provide you with a few numbers and stats. But before we get to that we would like to share with you a lesson we learned.

Goals, dreams and Happiness. Goals are there to achieve. They are there to motivate you to take the next step forwards… Dreams are there to be realized. It could be anything but for most it is the way of life they admire. Nothing is impossible to achieve true…Happiness lies within your daily life itself. Enjoy the little things. Be grateful for small daily achievements. We started an exercise where at the end of each day we each sum up 10 things we are grateful for. Grateful for the food we had, the smile we received or the nice conversation we had. Focus on the positive of the day and your next will always be better.

Bali2017 was the year we slept on a couch and in a 22.000 usd/night suite, had food on the street and a meal of 1000 usd, had the worst flight experience ever and one of the best business class experiences. A year of contrast. With the contrast came respect. Respect for our own happiness. The only thing holding you back from true happiness is the wall blocking your view. We traveled the world to see what’s on the other side.

The lesson we share with you is that you can change your happiness. First change your mindset and then take steps to improve your life. Everybody’s dream life is different but only you know what that is for you. Don’t be afraid. Every step you take is a good step. Even a “wrong” step. Those are the ones that show us the way and teach us everything.

Capella Singapore

Now, 2017 in numbers

Nights spend in a Hotel/Airbnb: 345

Resorts reserved only for us: 2

Flights taken: 31

Delayed flights: 1

Flights in economy: 28

Flights in Business: 3

KM traveled: 63262

Countries visited: 15

Lowest rate for a hotel paid (per night): 18 usd

Highest rate for a hotel paid (per night): 22.000 usd

Least paid for a meal: 1 usd

Most paid for a meal: 970 usd

Times involved in an accident: 1

Pizza’s consumed: +/- 100

New friends made: Countless

Sunny days: 278

Rainy days: 87


Top moments of 2017

Best country: Oman
Best cities: Doha, New York, Ubud, Barcelona

Top restaurants: Jaan (Singapore), Madame Janette (Aruba),

Top  hotels: Sharq Village (Qatar), Spa Eastman (Canada), Ritz Carlton (Bahrain), Palazzo Versace (Dubai), Permata Ayung (Bali)

Looking forward to 2018!!!!

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