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Are you searching for exclusive travel destinations? Or maybe a unique hotel? Perhaps some hotspots with the best service? You landed in the right place. According to the dictionary exclusive means ‘not shared with others’ while tourist means ‘one who travels for pleasure.’ Here at Tourist Exclusive, we don’t believe that ‘exclusive’ is equal to expensive. But we do believe in sharing. So we share the unique places we had dinner, a drink, a relaxing afternoon or a good night sleep. All restaurants, hotels and activities are personally visited and had a control check by avid travelers Stephanie and Peter, founders of Tourist Exclusive. Take a look around and join our community of exclusive tourists.
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Use this world map to find out recommended hotels and hotspots by Tourist Exclusive. Not sure what your next destination will be? Use this map to find unique places around the world. Click on our logo and it will take you directly to the article matching the destination, hotel or hotspot. All hotels and hotspots are curated by Peter and Stephanie personally. Have fun exploring the world!
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Peter and Stéphanie. A creative couple that left their ordinary lives in Belgium to pursue a dream. The dream of creating a platform for people that love to explore and find unique places. They travel on a full-time basis and look for magical places that you need to experience. They write in depth reviews of their hotel and restaurant visits to help you make the most of your vacation. Follow their adventures on Instagram.
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